eiknujomorp. Finally, after yesterday’s confused, want to join SEO contest or not, now that desire excessive enthusiasm. This paper was deliberately created in the format of the English language because I want to support the eiknujomorp SEO contest.

www.eiknujomorp.org VS www.eiknujomorp.net

Thankfully, today, exactly ten days since the purchase of new domains (www.eiknujomorp.org) to participate in the SEO contest, the position of these domains is now at NUMBER ONE in search results on Google.com. Domains with the same keywords, which ends with *.NET (www.eiknujomorp.net) was also located on the first page, exactly at 4th.

For ORG domain, I installed WordPress. For NET domain, I just do domain mapping in the BlogSpot. By the way, previously, www.eiknujomorp.net had auctioned in Adsense-Id Forum. Because there is no bidding, so I decided to optimize both of them; www.eiknujomorp.org and www.eiknujomorp.net.

The increase in not only ranking position in Google, but also ranked in Alexa. To www.eiknujomorp.org, now touching up 1.6 million and www.eiknujomorp.net touched on level 4 million.

Hopefully, the ratings today can survive until 10 October 2010. You may also want to support me in eiknujomorp? 🙂


Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia

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